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A Prohibition themed product range from Texas, USA

A Modern Mixture with a Classic Finish, High Shine and Medium Hold. Water soluble formula combs into the hair with ease and is ideal for shaping well groomed looks including slicked back, side parts, low pompadour’s, fades, textured crew cuts and more.

Featuring the unique aromatic experience of Sweet Tobacco.

HOLD: Medium


TEXTURE: Low/Medium

CONSISTENCY: Easy to apply

SCENT: Sweet Tobacco


Distribute a dollop of POMADE between fingers & palms and work into wet or dry hair.

Wet Look / Softer Hold: Work evenly into wet hair, comb through and shape into style.

More Grip / Medium Hold: Create shape and volume using a blow dryer. Work pomade evenly into dry hair and comb through,shaping into style.


Also available in store at Empire Barbering Co. Please see website for shop details.

18.21 Man Made POMADE

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