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Vinnie Forgione - Director

“A dream is just a dream until it is put into action”

Vinnie has been in the barbering and fashion industry in Brisbane for 20 years and has worked in some of the country’s leading salons and shops. His passion and drive for fashion, creativity, people and pushing boundaries is the driving force behind Empire Barbering Co as a brand, culture and lifestyle. Creating the ultimate experience in a unique exclusive environment where men can come and indulge themselves is everything Vinnie has always wanted to cultivate here in Brisbane. When you book an appointment with Vinnie you’re getting 20 years of styling experience along with an unrivaled burning desire for impeccable customer service.

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Ross Simms - Executive Barber

Ross has been an industry and barbering aficionado for several years. His overall technical cutting brilliance along with his passion for great customer service, education and product knowledge is what makes him one of the industry’s finest operators. When you book in with Ross, you’re setting yourself up for an experience that will not only leave you feeling like you’re invincible but will have you anticipating your return.

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Florence - Resident Hen and Branding Ambassador

Florence is a Rhode Island Red Cross Isa Brown Hen who has a 9 ft wall mural of herself in the shop. She is 4 years old and has now officially retired from laying eggs. She is passionate about worms, ham, layer mash grain and lying in the sun. She makes the odd appearance at the shop wowing people with her beautiful soft feathers. Florence isn’t available for appointments but we are working on it due to popular demand.


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